TSR Runner of the Week-Laura (Zeek) Kuhn

By: Kayla Dodd

Congratulations to TSR Runner of the Week Laura (Zeek) Kuhn! She has been on her running journey consistently for the past five years. Although she has been running off and on since high school (many, many years ago!) Her first race was a 5k in 2014 at the Collins Cares Run for Health, although she had walked a couple before that. Her current 5k PR is 23:18 and her marathon PR is 4:18.

Her current running goals consist of just enjoying running! She said, “I’ve learned that putting pressure on myself to reach a certain time goal is counterproductive for me. This year I’m focused on running my own race regardless of what the time clock says!” Laura said that she is blessed to have an amazing group of running friends! “They keep me moving forward on days I might otherwise hit snooze! I also want to be an example to my boys. I hope they will be encouraged to lead healthy, active lives!”

Her furthest distance that she has ran so far was just recently and was her first 50k. “It was an amazing experience and something I would have never dreamed I would be able to do! Thanks to running friends and peer pressure I can now say I’m an ultra-marathoner!” She said that being an early morning runner, you don’t get to “see” a whole lot! But being out there when the sun rises is always an amazing sight! Her upcoming race that she is really work hard for is the Xenia Marathon on April 8. This race will be her 3rd full marathon.

Her favorite running/motivational quote is “Run often, Run Long. But never outrun your joy of running ~ Julie Isphording.” Her favorite brand of running shoes are her Brooks and her favorite piece of gear is her Garmin! Laura said, “The best thing about running is that it’s contagious! It’s an amazing feeling when someone tells you they got encouraged to run by something you may have said or posted on social media! Those people then go on to inspire others to run!” Her best advice to a beginner runner would be to just run! Don’t compare yourself to anyone else out there. Everyone starts at the beginning!!

Running has had a true impact on her life and benefited her in many ways! Laura said, “Running is the one constant in my crazy life. It has taught me that no matter how bad you might feel, everything ends at some point. Whether it’s a bad day or a bad run, there is always a finish line. Each one you cross will make you a stronger person both physically and mentally. With each milestone, whether distance or time, we learn that we are capable of so much more if we are willing to put in the work!” Congratulations to Laura on all of her running accomplishments, team TSR will see you at the finish line!

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